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One of the largest intact artifacts of the early steamboats that plied the Wolf River system is a two-story steamboat cabin that was found hidden in a house along the shore of Lake Butte des Morts. What is known is that the cabin was brought ashore by a prominent maritime family, but the actual identity has not been determined. These steamboats traversed Wisconsin waterways from the 1850s till late in the 1920s. The house with the two-story steamboat cabin interior was donated to the Winneconne Historical Society who moved it to its museum complex in Marble Park during the summer of 2001. In order to move this 1922 structure and restore it to a useable condition, the Winneconne Historical Society has carried on a fund raising program which continues to this day. Grant money and matching funds contributed to the fund. Because restoration will continue for some time, extra funds will be needed to support this project. All donations are tax deductible. Call (920) 582-4509.

Maritime displays along with other special Historical Society displays will be ready for visitors in 2006. People will be treated to a look into the past in an actual steamboat structure.


The Winneconne Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is

an affiliate of the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Council of Local History

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